Bath time - be sure that you use a good quality oatmeal based shampoo for dogs - human shampoo is not suitable for greyhounds and can actually damage their skin.

When done, a great way to keep the shine and condition of the coat is to use DermCare Skin and Coat Spray Conditioner for Dogs (DermCare) and DVM Pharmaceuticals HyLyt Efa Bath Oil (

Adopt-a-Star favorites include:

BAA-BAA-QUES - available at

Greenies - available at Amazon or

C.E.T. Chews - available at 1800-Pet-Meds

Remember that treats for dogs should be just's like junk food for your matter how much the advertising says "healthy", they should be used in moderation.

And please remember to pick up after your greyhound. Dog & Cat feces is the number one cause of the decline in sea mammals. Picking up is easy - just have bags with you - and the easiest and cheapest way we've found is to order bags from If you are fortunate enough to have a large yard, please make sure you pick up (even if you aren't inconveniencing your neighbor), for the health of your greyhound. Leaving feces in the yard attracts insects, worms and disease. While you're at it...carry an extra bag or two to pick up where others have shown their inability to cooperate in a city society. You'll be sprucing up your neighborhood and setting an example, as well as improving people's perceptions of greyhounds and their parents!