Fostering is a very important component of our adoption program as it provides a foundation for the Greyhounds which helps ease the transition from the track into their forever home.

To become a foster for Adopt-a-Star we require that you provide the Greyhound with all the love he or she can handle, as well as provide guidance as to what is right and wrong, and lastly that you keep the Greyhound safe while in your care.  We also request that foster families practice good crating techniques when away from the home, feed a good kibble, and hopefully read the book, Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies prior to accepting a Greyhound into your home.  And, of course, bring your foster to Meet & Greets to show him/her off to potential adopters.
If you are interested in becoming a foster for Adopt-a-Star Rescue, please complete the online application.  Once that is complete, we will be in contact with you.  References will be checked and a home visit will then be scheduled.  If you have any questions about the process, please contact Rob at 310.734.6120.