At Adopt-a-Star, we're a big fan of keeping your greyhound looking good (and on a leash). Two schools...leather or fabric. Either are fine.

Leather: produces very high quality leather collars and matching leashes. They line the inside of the collars with a soft deer skin to help keep your greyhound's neck in good condition.


Gayle Fink will make a custom martingale collar for your hound (with matching leash). She also makes a donation to Adopt-a-Star for each purchase. Give Gayle a call at 760-931-9989 or email

Alternatively search for martingale collars on iGive. Simply searching on iGive donates much needed funds to Adopt-a-Star. And purchasing goods by linking from iGive also helps the hounds with a donation being made on your behalf for each purchase. Think about get the same deals, same merchandise, and same retailers...and they will make the donation! Try it.